Pacific Packages

For the traveler who wants a ready-made itinerary to make the most of exploring the Pacific coast of Ecuador we offer packages that will take you along familiar and not-so-familiar routes - from the tallest mangroves in the world and the remote Cabo San Francisco in the province of Esmeraldas to the beaches and fishing villages of the "Ruta del Sol" further south with dry forests of the Parque Nacional Machalila and its archeological remains of past cultures.

Click on the options below for our suggestions to explore the Pacific coast of Ecuador.

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Taking Spanish class at the Pacific coast in Ecuador on the Ruta del Sol program

Spanish classes on the Ruta del Sol!

This package provides you with Spanish classes in the laid-back town of Puerto Lopez from where you will also be able to experience the "Ruta del Sol" the sunshine route! . . .

hotel at the Pacific coast in Ecuador - rest and relaxation time

Package 2

More options for exploring the Pacific coast of Ecuador will be added soon!