Medical Spanish Program

Introductory Medical Spanish Program in Ecuador . . .

The Introductory Medical Spanish program is a weekly (20-hour) Spanish course aimed at medical students and health professionals who seek to gain familiarity with using medical terminology in Spanish and whose level of Spanish is good basic or low intermediate. In contrast to the Professional Medical Spanish program, the introductory program combines regular Spanish instruction with medical usage in Spanish, with the aim of achieving a degree of comfort in conversing with patients in a regular medical setting.

There are 4 one-week modules of 20 hours each in this program, and students can take any number. Additionally, the modules can be given online, so a student can take 1 or 2 weeks in Quito or Cuenca and then continue online once back home.

The course also includes the same wealth of materials that comes with the Professional Medical Spanish program, that you will be able to keep and use for reference in the future.

Each of the three weeks has a set format, introducing specific topics of universal interest and usage in the general medical field. Thus this course is suitable for a wide range of students and people working in the area of health who need to be able to communicate in Spanish to doctors and other professionals, and patients and clients.

Studying on our Weekly Medical Spanish Program is a great way to advance your professional capacities while enjoying the buzz and culture of Quito or the tranquility and culture of Cuenca!

"The introductory program was perfect for me. The two weeks really improved my general Spanish as well as giving me all I needed to be able to communicate to our latino patients in my hospital."