haciendas in the andes

The Andes mountains of Ecuador are home to many finely preserved colonial-style haciendas. Dating from a bygone era, many have been beautifully restored and now provide luxury accommodation in spectacular settings, and offering a range of activities and excursions that explore their surroundings.

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Stay in a converted hacienda in the Andes mountains to learn about the culture and history of the Ecuadorian sierra.

Hacienda Zuleta

Explore the majestic Andes from this working hacienda just two hours from Quito. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird-watching and plenty of local culture . . .

a luxury hacienda in the Andean Mountains of Ecuador - ideal for a short getaway break

Hacienda Chorlavi

Hacienda Chorlavi is situated in Imbabura Province about 3 hours north of Quito and close to the town of Ibarra. With 52 rooms and a pool, jacuzzi and spa salon the hacienda offers comfort and luxury in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.

luxury accommodation in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador for vacation and relaxation

Hacienda Santa Ana

The Hacienda Santa Ana is located about an hour south of Quito near the market town of Machachi. It was originally a Jesuit community in the 1600's and has been faithfully restored to reflect its historic past. It is located between three majestic mountains - Pasachoa, Ruminahui and Sincholagua.

A luxury hacienda in the Ecuadorian rainforest is a unique experience.

Hacienda Primavera Ecolodge

This working hacienda in the Choco rainforest reserve offers activities such as horseback riding, jungle hikes, white-water rafting, an Autoferro train ride, a pool . . .

Name Location Description Price Range Website
Albergue De Montaña Cuello De Luna Latacunga – Cotopaxi Hacienca Cuello De Luna was built in the late ‘80s. This little gem is situated at the foothills of Cotopaxi surrounded by volcanoes and mountainous landscapes. It is a perfect area for hiking, mountain biking and horse-back riding.
Guided day tours; multiple day guided tours; drop off and pick up service for hikes; mountain bikes for rent
$ No
Casa De Los Hacienda Guachala Cayambe – Pichincha The constructions of Guachala were finished in 1580, making it one of the oldest Haciendas in Ecuador. The hacienda is surrounded by volcanoes and is located one hour away from Quito. The Hacienda feels like a real farm since Lamas, Alpacas and horses roam the fields surrounding the house.
Horseback riding
$ No
Casa Mojanda Otavalo – Imbabura Casa Mojanda is located in Otavalo, a town in the Andean Highlands. It is famous for the Otavalo Market where indigenous townspeople sell colourful handicrafts. Each cottage is very spacious and has a private balcony. The Hacienda facilitates on-site restaurant and a beautiful lush garden.
Hiking; horseback riding; massages
$$ No
Estancia De La Campiña Nono – Pichincha Estancia De La Campiña is an ideal place to camp in all comfort and there are also luxurious rooms available. Some units has a terrace and/or a patio with mountain and garden views. To make the experience complete the Hacienda has an on-site restaurant that has a Latin American and Grill/BBQ cuisine and they harvest as much food as possible from their own garden.
Horseback riding; bikes for rent; working farm
$ No
Hacienda Abraspungo Guano – Chimborazo Hacienda Abraspungo is located in the province of Chimborazo, famous for Ecuador’s highest mountain, the Chimborazo. The Hacienda has 38 unique rooms, in sense that they all have a name of one of a volcano situated in Ecuador. All rooms have direct access to the gardens. The on-site restaurant revives culinary customs of the past by using old indigenous ingredients and creating the most delicious dishes.
Devils nose train; bikes for rent; horseback riding
$$ No
Hacienda Chorlavi Ibarra – Imbabura Chorlavi is a charming and spacious Hacienda that can accommodate up to 120 people. It is located in the province of Imbabura, famous for its folk dance. Therefore, every Saturday and on holiday a traditional folk group performs in the hacienda. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant with a variety of national and international dishes.
Folk dance performance; outdoor pool; bike & walking tours; nightclub/DJ; mini golf; bike rental; karaoke; table tennis; children’s playground; spa & wellness centre; fitness; sauna; babysitting/ child service Working ranch; bike rental; horseback riding; high ropes course; spa; family cooking courses
$ No
Haciena el Porvenir Machachi - Pichincha Hacienda El Porvenir is a wonderful working ranch that is dedicated to sustainable agriculture. The hacienda enjoys a privileged location as it looks out over the Cotopaxi Volcano and is surrounded by three other volcanoes. El Porvenir has 22 rooms distributed over three different room types. If you are looking for a different kind of experience you can stay in the Machai rooms. They are unique as they are designed to simulate sleeping in an Andean hut.
Working ranch; bike rental; horseback riding; high ropes course; spa; family cooking courses
$$ No
Hacienda el Sinche Machachi - Pichincha Hacienda El Sinche is located in the province of Pichincha, famous for the Cotopaxi Volcano. The Hacienda has a garden and looks out over the mountains and over the surrounding volcanoes. This is the perfect place to start different adventures such as horse-back riding and cheese making. You will be able to experience the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Ecuadorian mountains.
Horseback riding; cheese molding
$ No
Hacienda Hato Verde Mulalo - Cotopaxi Hacienda Hato Verde is a beautiful Boutique Hotel located on the southern face of the Cotopaxi Volcano, which is the highest active volcano in the world. The hacienda is elegantly decorated and has a personalized service. The hotel has nine rooms, each one equipped with a private bathroom, a fireplace and breath-taking views over the garden and Andes Mountains.
Horseback riding
$$ No
Hacienda Leito Patate - Tungurahua Hacienda Leito is a luxurious Spa Resort with a vivid history. Here you will find a perfect balance between luxury, contact with nature and delicious food. The on-site restaurant serves a wide variety of grilled and roasted specialities prepared the Argentinian way. The Spa is inclusive for the guests staying in the hacienda.
Guided tours; horseback riding; bike rental
$ Hacienda Leito
Hacienda la Alegría Rumipamba - Pichincha La Algeria is family owned horseback riding hacienda located in the heart of the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”. The family is passionate about horses and they also offer horseback riding packages with everything included. The on-site restaurant has a wide variety of Ecuadorian and international cuisine.
Working farm; horseback riding
$$ No
Hacienda La Ciénega Lasso - Cotopaxi Hosteria La Cienaga is one of the oldest colonial haciendas in Ecuador. It is located on the foothill of the impressive Cotopaxi Volcano and in Cotopaxi National Park. Nowadays, the hacienda is a luxurious Boutique hotel where you will be able to enjoy the tranquil scenery and feel the history in the two meter thick walls. The on-site restaurant serves a wide range of Ecuadorian and international food.
Horseback riding; bike rental; guided tours
$$ No
Hacienda La Merced Baja Zuleta Imbabura This beautiful hacienda is the perfect spot if you are looking for adventure since it is located very close to the majestic Cayambe Volcano. The family has been breeding horses for over 30 years and they takes much pride in it. There are lots of different activities such as horseback riding, milking the cows and hiking in a lagoon nearby.
Working farm; cow milking; horseback riding; guided tours; hiking in a lagoon; lasso throwing courses
$$ No
Hacienda La Mirage Cotocachi - Cotopaxi This wonderful hotel and Spa is located on a hillside, less than three hours away from Quito. This former hacienda is a lush green paradise where you will be overwhelmed by the fragrances of the flowers. Most of the rooms look out over the mountains and all the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a fireplace. La Mirage is distinctive for its luxury and tradition.
$$$ No
Hacienda Los Mortiños Pedregal - Cotopaxi Los Mortiños is a welcoming hacienda, ready to take care of you no matter your need. You can stay in a dorm room if you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy this wonderful scenery. All rooms, except for the dorm rooms, come with a private bathroom and a wonderful view on the mountains. Guests can enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner in the on-site restaurant while taking in the breath taking views over Cotopaxi Volcano.
Mountain climbing tours; horseback riding; guided tours; bike rental
$$ No
Hacienda Manteles Tungurahua Manteles is located in the cloud forest of the Llanganates National Park. The hacienda is perfectly located for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Guests can enjoy organised hikes and horseback riding. The hacienda is part of the Bird Life International and are committed to the survival of birds, animals and plant species. This is the perfect place to escape to and enjoy life in its purest form.
Horseback riding; massages; guided tours; cooking classes; cow milking
$ No
Hacienda Piman Ibarra - Imbabura Piman is a charming hacienda, located in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes, thus perfectly located for the true adventurer. The hacienda is unique because of its marriage between traditional and modern architecture. Indulge fully in the experience by trying some of the typical Ecuadorian food, served in the on-site restaurant. There are 17 rooms in total, seven are in the main building and the remaining ten rooms are distributed over five cottages.
Mountain bikes rental
? No
Hacienda Pinsaquí Otavalo - Imbaburra This three century old hacienda is a true place of history. The house has been in the family for many generations and the name Pinsaqui in Kichwa means “the house by the river”. It is one of the most exclusive haciendas in the country, welcoming guests from over the whole world. It is located in the middle of the hotspot for handicrafts and only 90 minutes away from Quito.
Horseback riding; therapeutic massages
$$ No
Hacienda Primavera Ecolodge Otavalo - Imbabura The Primavera Ecologde is located in El Choco National Rainforest reserve and they are neighbours with an indigenous tribe. The hacienda has been in the family for over 90 years and they take pride in their heritage and history. Located in the lush cloud forest, you will feast your eyes on the wonderful fauna and flora that Ecuador has to offer. The hacienda takes pride in their fine cuisine, prepared fresh on a daily basis, often picked straight from their own garden.
Working farm; horseback riding; guided hiking and mountain biking tours; Autoferro train ride; white water rafting
$$ No
Hacienda Rumi Loma Quito - Pichincha Just five minutes away from the capital city of Ecuador lies the hacienda Rumi Loma. The colourful hacienda is located in a small and quiet paradise. Rumi Loma has five unique luxurious suites where you can completely indulge in the experience. Each room is decorated with art from Ecuador and other parts of the world.
Bird watching
$$$$ No
Hacienda San Agustín de Callo Lasso - Cotopaxi San Augustin de Callo is drenched in history. It has served as an Incan fortress and Augustinian monastery. In the main courtyard you will find three distinctive styles: Inca (15th century), Spanish Colonial (18th century) and Republican (19th century). The hacienda has three different houses where guests are able to stay in a luxurious environment and enjoy a full board service, included in the price.
Horseback riding; mountain bike rental; guided tours; rose plantation tour
$$$$ No
Hacienda San Isidro de Iltaqui Cotocachi - Imbabura Hacienda San Isidro de Iltaqui dates from the 18th century and has been built with volcanic rocks and mud. Located in the valley of Cotacachi is a perfect starting point for many adventures such as horse-back riding. The hacienda has 10 comfortable rooms that all look out over the mountains, farms and fruit trees.
Horseback riding; guided mountain biking
$ No
Hacienda San Martín Nono - Pichincha San Martin is located on the foothill of Mount Pichincha and is the perfect starting point for different activities. The hacienda produces dairy and is dedicated to raising livestock. Guest stay in an independent cabin with spectacular views over the valley. The very personal service makes staying here a true experience.
Horseback riding; bird watching; bike rental; cow milking
$$ No
Hacienda Santa Ana Cotopaxi Porvenir - Cotopaxi Santa Ana is located near the Cotopaxi Volcano and overlooks other surrounding volcanoes. The hacienda is a marriage between modern and antique. All of the rooms are warmly decorated with private bathrooms. The on-site restaurant serves a wide variety of local and international dishes.
Bike rental; horseback riding; mountain climbing
$$ No
Hacienda Yanahurco Salitre - Napo Yanahurco is established as the largest Hacienda in the Ecuadorian Highlands. This is a unique experience and perfect for lovers of Natural History, Ecology and Adventure. The Mountain Lodge is the perfect base camp for the start of the climb of the Cotopaxi Volcano. The hacienda can accommodate up to 42 places in 14 double rooms and one suite. Guests can also camp on the terrain with all comfort.
Rodeo; guided tours
$ No
Hacienda Zuleta Zuleta - Imbabura The wonderful 17th century eco-lodge and working farm is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture and traditions. The family will welcome you as one of their own and their warm atmosphere will make you feel at home right away. The horses are bred on the farm and they will take you to admire some astounding scenery. The hacienda has 21 unique rooms all equipped with a personal fireplace.
Horseback riding; horse-drawn carriage; mountain bike rentals; cooking classes; embroidery classes; bird watching
$$$$ No
Hacienda Cusin Gonzalez Suarez - Pichincha Hacienda Cusin is an early 17th century restored country home. The hacienda has a familiar atmosphere and guest will feel at home right away. The on-site restaurant serves delicious food and the 38 attentive staff will provide you with all your needs. The hacienda has garden cottages and suites and they all look out over the mountains or over the garden.
Spanish courses; horseback riding; mountain bike rentals; massages
$$ No
Hacienda La Condesa Coyoctor - Cañar Hosteria La Condesa is an old restored hacienda that is located in the province of Cañar, famous for its 16th century old ruins of Ingapirca, the best known Inca settlement in Ecuador. This is the perfect place if you are looking for culture and nature. The hacienda features an on-site restaurant and they organise lots of activities such as cycling, hiking and horse-back riding. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and look out over the mountains and the garden.
Horseback riding; bike rentals; nightclub/DJ
$ No
Hacienda Papagayo Machachi - Pichincha Papagayo is a comfortable hosteria with first class services. It is located very close to the city of Machachi and just 45 minutes away from Quito. The hosteria has 13 unique rooms, they are all individually decorated and have different names. The hosteria offers many different activities such as horse-back riding, cycling and visits to flower gardens.
Horseback riding; bike rentals; guided tours
$ No
San Jorge de Quito Quito - Pichincha San Jose Eco-Lodge is an 18th century Spanish hacienda located 10 minutes away from Quito. This hacienda is very unique since the owners turned it into a birdwatchers paradise. They created the Magic Birding and Bird Photo Circuit of Ecuador, the first of its kind in South America. They offer the most complete bird watching and bird photo trips in Ecuador, the Amazon Jungle and the Galapagos Islands. The Eco-Lodge has four types of rooms, distributed over 24 rooms.
Guided (multiple) day tours
? No