Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship and Cultural Exchange in Ecuador . . .

We began offering programs for international students in 2007. Since then we have continued to expand and work with universities, colleges, high schools and other organizations to create individualized programs according to the specific aims of each organization. We can offer programs within the categories of global citizenship, service learning, study abroad and gap year.

With a wide range of grass-roots and local partners in Ecuador we are perfectly placed to connect individual students and groups to projects that are struggling to create sustainable change at the local level. We maintain a commitment to these organizations, and with our team of dedicated counselors and coordinators we look forward to being able to organize suitable programs, creating a win-win situation for both sides.

"My time sharing with the people of Estero was truly eye-opening. At first I was shocked by the basic (extremely!) situation that most families live in, but the warmth and laughter from people every day led me to realize that this is a little slice of heaven and that people can live with virtually nothing and still be quite happy!")
Global Citizenship - concepts and practice

The concept of Global Citizenship encompasses sociocultural, political, economic and environmental factors as students experience at first hand the reality of being from the "other side" of the development process. As such it implies critical and transformative elements as students develop their understanding on both social/political and personal experiential levels. The experience of immersion in a new context in combination with relevant academic support provides an intense learning environment that will transform both social/political awareness and personal awareness, informing future academic and professional development.

We can also set up research opportunities and internships for individual students, from one month and upwards, offering help with research site selection, development of data-gathering methods, logistical support and office facilities for students.