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Service Learning Programs in Ecuador

We design and arrange Service Learning programs for US and international universities, high-schools and colleges based around our extensive network of partners - grass-roots and community organizations around Ecuador. We can arrange programs for individual students as well as for groups from one week and upwards. Service Learning experiences can be combined with Spanish classes, either concurrently or prior to volunteering. Students can volunteer or carry out internships at health centers and clinics, with pre-school, elementary and secondary school children, children with learning difficulties, street children and homeless aged persons, and more specifically skilled placements. We also recommend homestays with local host families as the best way to immerse oneself in the language and culture of Ecuador.

"Our group had an amazing time working with the Tsa'chila. To be able to live with a local family and share their life just for a while was unbelievable. It was hard for the first few days adapting to the conditions, the food and the work, but when it came time to say goodbye we had a tear in our eye."
Service Learning - concepts and practice

The concept of Service Learning involves a method of teaching that combines academic study with meaningful community service, encouraging a sense of civic engagement and personal responsibility. Addressing authentic community needs is a key component, requiring students to immerse themselves in their host's environment and work collaboratively towards lasting solutions at the local level. Community development is used as an instructional strategy to achieve defined learning goals, through a combination of community service, academic instruction and personal reflection.

Study Abroad programs can be created to fit with academic semesters, summer breaks, or personalized study programs, from as short as a week and up to one year. Yanapuma staff can act as in-country advisors for research projects regarding data gathering techniques and procedures, and can help to set up research opportunities prior to students' arrival in Ecuador.