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Ecuador - a list of Amazon lodges

The Amazon rainforest is truly one of the wonders of the world. You can explore the incredible biodiversity of the "lungs of the planet" while you stay at a comfortable lodge in Ecuador's Amazon region. Each lodge runs a regular program of activities and excursions that take you out with a knowledgeable guide to explore and learn about the flora and fauna - hiking through the rainforest to pools and waterfalls, and taking launches along Amazon tributaries, as well as visiting local indigenous communities that have adapted to life in the Amazon for thousands of years.

Below is a list of all the Amazon Lodges in Ecuador with a brief description.

In line with our mission, True Ecuador Travel chooses with care the Amazon lodges that we work with, based on criteria that include their sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, and relationship to their surroundings.

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Name Location Description Price Range
Anaconda Lodge Ahuano - Napo Since December of 2011, guests of the award winning Anaconda Lodge Ecuador, have been experiencing exciting and authentic Amazon Rainforest adventures with cultural and environmental conservation in mind. Their goal is to make the Amazon Rainforest unforgettable for you. They achieve this through their authenticity, passion, hospitality and close contact with the nature and culture they love. $$
Bamboo Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos This lodge only accommodate up to 20 guests at the same time, so they can insure excellent personal services and an unforgettable amazon rain forest experience for their guests. $$$
Caiman Lodge Cuyabeno- Sucumbíos The Caiman Lodge is situated close to ‘La Laguna Grande’ and is accessible all year around by canoe. It is the newest lodge in the region of Cuyabeno and accommodates up to 40 persons. $$$
Cuyabeno Lodge Cuyabeno –Sucumbíos Cuyabeno Lodge is the first eco-friendly lodge built in the Cuyabeno National Park. When Cuyabeno Lodge began operating in 1988, they believed that the rainforest traveler should be accommodated in conditions harmonious with the surrounding environment. That’s why this lodge is built from ecological materials and fits perfectly in the jungle landscape. $$$
Gaia Amazon Lodge Ahuano – Napo This small and charming family lodge is an ecological project of unique architecture, a combination of local knowledge of construction with a touch of contemporary comfort. $$
Green Forest Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos The Green Forest Lodge is Dedicated to environmentally conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation and the empowerment of local communities. All the cabins are a combination of wooden structures, opening up to the amazon forest. The lodge reflects the ambience of a traditional jungle Ecuadorian house, but provides the comfort and protection of a permanent building. $$$
Guacamayo EcoLodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos This Ecolodge is promoting seriously and responsibly ecotourism in the 2nd biggest protected area in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. They provide solar electricity to charge batteries of cameras or other electronic objects, rooms with private toilet and hot shower. $$$
Guango Lodge Papallacta - Napo "Guango" in the Quichua language means "a place of great mountains that crisscross, whose waters concur to form mighty rivers in deep valleys covered by the cloud forest of the Andean slopes, under an ever-changing climate and a typical drizzle". $$
Hakuna Matata Lodge Archidona - Napo The heart of Hakuna Matata is its native staff, always ready to greet guests as friends and share their home (the rainforest). Their favorite gathering spot is our swimming pool, surrounded by the spectacular Llanganates mountains. Another magical spot at Hakuna Matata is the private beach at the Inchillaqui river. The crystal clear waters invite visitors to bathe, take stroll and have fun for all ages. $$
Hamadryade Lodge Misahualli – Napo Hamadryade Lodge is the perfect fit if you want an adventure in style and comfort in the Amazon Rainforest. Exclusivity and charm are key. $$$$
Huasquila Lodge Cotundo - Napo Close proximity to Quito (4 hour drive), makes Huasquila Amazon Lodge the most accessible Amazon Ecuador ecolodge rainforest destination, especially for short stays (3 day packages). It is a quick get away from the typical tourist sites, so you can enjoy a genuine Amazon rainforest vacation. $$$
Huella Verde Lodge Canelos - Pastaza The Huella Verde lodge has comfortable bungalows and is located between a nature reserve and the Bobonaza River. It is surrounded by rainforest which is home to birds and colorful butterflies. All the food is prepared fresh and naturally every day in the farmhouse, and will give you energy to launch your rainforest experience. $
Itamandi Lodge Arajuno - Napo The natural sanctuary of Itamandi offers an undisturbed world where guests can escape from noise, pollution and stress imposed by larger cities. The lodge feels authentic, airy and comfortable with its high walls and ceilings. $$
Jamu Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos Nestled right in the Cuyabeno Reserve, Jamu has access to some of the most interesting and engaging activities in the Amazon, like spotting some of the hundreds of birds that call this reserve their home, hiking along the lodge’s winding trails, and witnessing primary forests and unique “moretal” swamps. $$
La Casa del Suizo Lodge Misahuallí - Napo Fill your curiosity for the Amazon rainforest, learn new things and most importantly, have fun. Each day on the Napo River promises new adventure: the monkeys you spot out on the way to activities, the local community you witness; and the raft you build with your own hands. As the sun sets over La Casa del Suizo head to the swimming pool to gaze at the stunning jungle view, relaxing into the night. $$$
La Selva Amazon Eco Lodge Yasuni - Orellana This luxurious lodge overlooking Lake Garzacocha is committed to preserve the beautiful, natural sanctuary and surrounding ecosystems. With eco-friendly, green practices, it promotes “eco-tourism,” by investing in the local economy, managing resources and wastes responsibly, and taking a stand against the deforestation and contamination practices that are threatening this pristine rainforest. $$$$
Liana Lodge Arajuno - Napo Liana Lodge is located in the Amazon rainforest on the banks of Arajuno river, a tributary of Napo river. With a private car the lodge can be reached in just 5 hours from Quito; the final destination of the trip is only accessible by canoe – a real jungle experience. $$
Misahuallí Lodge Misahuallí - Napo The Misahualli Amazon Lodge located between the Misahualli River and Napo River in the Amazon rainforest, has 200 hectares of primary forest and secondary protected, two natural waterfalls and a giant tree Millennial Pope Pununo. It has 15 cabins and 12 suites ecological composite construction built with materials from the area with capacity for 80 people. $$
Nicky Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos Nicky Lodge has a unique location that is further away from the National Park Entrance. Therefore, it is less likely to run into other Amazon tourists during our excursions. A quiet and peaceful environment is crucial for spotting of all kinds of wildlife. $
Pañacocha Lodge Panacocha – Sucumbíos Pañacocha Ecolodge was built thinking of every detail that guests need to make them feel at home and can enjoy this magical nature to the fullest. This way you can experience how it feels to be totally surrounded by pure primary forest, with a comfortable lodge and a very skilled crew. This ecolodge was built with materials from this area, and with the help of 25 local indigenous people.
Runa Huasi Lodge Ahuano – Napo The Runa Huasi Lodge is owned by the Kichwa community of Ahuano. The lodge is on the Arajuno river in the Selva Viva rainforest area, close to the amaZOOnico animal rescue center. The rooms are comfortable with private bathrooms and hot water. $
Samona Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos Activities are spread out over a wide area and allow visitors to explore several distinct but equally fascinating habitats. They offer: night walks and canoe trips, with the aid of flashlights, often reveal creatures seldom seen during daylight. Caimans (of the alligator family) and giant insects rule the jungle after sunset. $$
Sani Lodge Coca – Orellana The Sani Lodge is 100% owned by an indigenous community. While staying here you get to know the Kichwa lifestyle. $$$$
Shiripuno Lodge Pastaza - Pastaza Here you can find the same biodiversity as in the nature reserve while reducing the human impact to a minimal. All cabins have private bathrooms and hammocks. No electricity is available, all light is by candle creating a perfect harmony with the sights and sounds of the rainforest. $$$
Sinchi Warmi Lodge Misahuallí - Napo This complex of traditional cabins promises an unforgettable experience, both for adventurers and those wishing to calmly enjoy the lush surroundings. The accommodation is composed of several traditional cabins surrounded by a typical Amazonian vegetation. You can quickly enjoy and immerse yourself in Sinchi Warmi’s tranquility while relaxing in a hammock. $
Siona Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos Siona Lodge provides rustic accommodation on the shore of one of the lakes in the Cuyabeno Reserve. Tourists arrive by boat on the Cuyabeno River for a stay of either four or five days. Trips are a combination of cultural immersion with wildlife viewing. $$
Suchipakari Lodge Pusuno Bajo - Napo The Amazon might seem like a world away, but Suchipakari Lodge is easily accessible from Quito. Leaving civilization far behind, by lunchtime you will be in a hammock listening to the chatter of the birds and monkeys. This all-inclusive jungle lodge is the ideal base for you and your family to explore the fascinating rainforest in small groups, led by expert guides. $$$
Tapir Lodge Cuyabeno – Sucumbíos Unlike other hotels that only offer cabins, Tapir has two unique towers that will put you right on level with the birds and 10 rooms in the Bungalow. Each screened room features a safe, mosquito nets on the beds, reading lamps, private bathrooms, fresh drinking water, and low-voltage electrical outlets. $$$
Wild Sumaco Lodge Sumaco – Orellana This comfortable and convenient lodge is built on a ridge where forest was cleared years ago by previous owners. They are determined to save what we can of this fine forest and its wildlife before it disappears. $$$
Yachana Lodge Chontapunto - Napo A progressive lodge founded and run by an American who once worked in the oil industry in Ecuador, Yachana will keep you busy with unique programs or provide a beautiful setting for relaxing in the rainforest. $$$
Yacuma Lodge Parroquia Chontayacu - Napo Twelve comfortable bungalows present a traditional Amazon-​style, built from materials harvested from the rain forest in a sustainable manner and combined with modern materials. The 24 rooms have electricity from solar energy, private facilities that can accommodate in total 56 people. Water is supplied by a nearby spring from where it is pumped into 2 reserve tanks. $$$
Yarina Lodge Coca - Orellana Yarina Eco Lodge started 10 years ago as a program to teach the importance of conserving wildlife and our environment with the local community. However, year by year, the lodge was growing, changing and developing new important forms of work with the local people, along with national and international tourists. Today, the lodge is considered one of the most important and best rescue centers of wildlife in the Ecuadorian Amazon. $$$
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