amazon lodges

The Amazon rainforest is truly one of the wonders of the world. You can explore the incredible biodiversity of the "lungs of the planet" while you stay at a comfortable lodge in Ecuador's Amazon region. Each lodge runs a regular program of activities and excursions that take you out with a knowledgeable guide to witness and learn about the flora and fauna - hiking through the rainforest to pools and waterfalls, and taking launches along Amazon tributaries, as well as visiting local indigenous communities that have adapted to life in the Amazon for thousands of years.

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In line with our mission, True Ecuador Travel chooses with care the Amazon lodges that we work with, based on criteria that include their sustainability, social and environmental responsibility, and relationship to their surroundings.

an amazon lodge adventure experience in Eucador

Suchipacari Lodge

This Amazon lodge offers a wealth of options for exploring the surrounding Amazon forest, visiting local indigenous communities, and learning about the biodiversity of this important region . . .

Cotococha Lodge

Visit the Amazon rainforest in style at this luxury lodge. Regular activities are organized, offering excursions along the river and through the rainforest . . .