Hotels in Riobamba

Riobamba has a wide range of hotels, from hostels with shared dorm rooms for the budget traveler to five-star luxury hotels. Below are some of our favorites, recommended to make the most of your visit. We will be happy to make reservations for you.

Riobamba Hotel Price Guide

Budget/Hostel: $9 - $25 per night
Tourist Class: $35 - $65 per night
Tourist Superior: $60 - $90 per night
Luxury: $90 + per night

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Hotel el Libertador

The Hotel El Libertador is a budget hotel located close to the train station in Riobamba and has great views of the surrounding mountains. There are 38 rooms that mix the contemporary with the traditional to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
Price range: Budget/Hostel

Hotel El Altar

The Hotel El Altar in Riobamba has been offering its services for over 27 years as a reasonably-priced hotel with great service and courteous staff. With its own spa, El Altar offers comfort and relaxation and a great base from which to explore Riobamba and its surroundings.
Price range: Tourist class

Hotel Montecarlo

The Hotel Montecarlo is a tourist-class hotel that offers 22 rooms for visitors and has its own restaurant and café on site. The hotel is located a short walk from the train station in the center of Riobamb and close to restaurants and bars.
Price range: Tourist class

The Mansion Santa Isabelle

The Mansion Santa Isabelle was painstakingly restored from an old Spanish colonial house and the comfortable rooms are fit with modern luxuries to make your stay extra relaxing. There are a wide variety of custom decorated rooms to suit singles, couples as well as families.
Price range: Tourist superior.

Hosteria La Andaluza

Hosteria La Andaluza, boasts exquisitely decorated rooms, which have a cozy, antique feel with Ecuadorian crafts. The rooms are distributed in four areas, with privileged views of Chimborazo, others overlooking the gardens, multipurpose court and a few located in a cozy two-story common area with bar, fireplace and living room, ideal for families. .

Price range: Tourist superior

Hotel Tren Dorado

The Hotel Tren Dorado (Golden Train) is located just a couple of blocks from the famous train station. It is a comfortable, clean and secure tourist-class hotel with its own restaurant. This is a small tourist class hotel that is set in a traditional colonial-style building.


Price range: Tourist class

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