Study abroad in ecuador

Study Abroad Programs in Ecuador.

Whave been a third-party provider for Study Abroad programs for US and international universities and colleges in Quito and Cuenca for the past 8 years through our own foundation (Yanapuma Foundation). Students can combine Spanish classes at all levels with volunteering at one of several local grass-roots projects in either Quito or Cuenca. Medical and health students can volunteer or intern at health centers and clinics, while other students can volunteer with pre-school, elementary and secondary school children, children with learning difficulties, street children and homeless aged persons, and more specifically skilled placements. We also recommend a homestay with local host families as the best way to immerse oneself in the language and culture of Ecuador.

We also offer combination programs of intensive Spanish study in Quito or Cuenca followed by independent Field Study in any of over 35 local grass-roots organizations and community projects that we are partnered with all around Ecuador, including on the Galapagos Islands. Students can organize to volunteer or intern in projects related to sustainable agriculture and conservation, education and child care, health and well-being, sustainable community development, tourism, and animal rescue.

"I learned so much in my 9 weeks in Ecuador volunteering in two different projects in two totally different environments. I am sure it will take me years to process all the experiences I had. This has set me up for going on to do a Masters degree, and hopefully I will be back soon to do some more."


Study Abroad - concepts and practice

The concept of Study Abroad combines classroom instruction with meaningful service to a local population in another country with the aim of promoting a sense of civic engagement in a globalized context. Active participation in local projects through the work of a local agency such as Fundación Yanapuma, together with structured time for reflection on the service experience offers the opportunity for personal growth and transformation. For the student, stepping out of their habitual and comfortable surrounding to share a new environment with local actors provokes new learning and reflection on values and attitudes.

Study Abroad programs can be created to fit with academic semesters, summer breaks, or personalized study programs, from as short as a week and up to one year. Yanapuma staff can act as in-country advisors for research projects regarding data gathering techniques and procedures, and can help to set up research opportunities prior to students' arrival in Ecuador.