Volunteer in Ecuador!

Click on the filters below to select volunteer projects in each region of Ecuador. Click on the title to learn more about each project. If you have particular interests or preferences and don't see any volunteer project tht meets your criteria, please email us using the contact form. We have links with many local grass-roots organizations and communities around Ecuador and will be happy to see what we can set up for you!

volunteer in Quito at Camp Hope taking Spanish classes and volunteering

Children with disabilities - Quito

School for handicapped children

volunteering at an animal rescue center in Ecuador in the Amazon rainforest

Amazon Animal Rescue

Rescue ilegally captured animals

Yanapuma volunteers help in animal and pet rescue center in Quito

Pet Rescue Program

Animal Rescue in Quito

medical health program in Quito

Healthcare Foundation

Health Care - Quito

volunteer with aged-in-need in Quito taking Spanish classes and volunteering
Elderly-in-need - Quito

Ceter for elderly homeless persons

Yanapuma volunteers help in permaculture and conservation in the Andes of Ecuador

Andes Permaculture & Conservation

Andes Permaculture & Conservation

Yanapuma volunteers teach English in a community school in the Andes of Ecuador

Sigchos Teach English

Teach English in the Andes

Yanapuma volunteers help in mental health program in Quito

Instituto Psiquiatrica

Mental Health - Quito

medical health program in Quito

Low-cost Healthcare

Low-cost Hospital - Quito

a clinic in Otavalo combining traditional healing with modern medicine - for medical volunteers

Traditional and Modern Medicinec

Combined medicine in the Andes

volunteer work in reforestation and organic farming and environmental education in the Andes of Ecuador

Organic Production - Andes

Reforestation, organic farming etc

Volunteer in the Galapagos Islands in conservation and environmental work, eliminating invasive species, organic gardening and working with the local children

Galapagos Conservation

Conservation and agriculture

Volunteer in Ecuador at an amimal rescue center

Jungle Animal Rescue

Amazon Animal rescue center

volunteer work in sustainable agriculture and agro forestry in the Andes of Ecuador

Organic Farming - Andes

Agroforestry and sustainability

Yanapuma volunteers help in sustainable community development in the Andes of Ecuador

Andes Community Development

Community development - Andes

community development and conservation work in the Amazon for volunteers

Amazon Community Development

Conservation and community development

volunteer work in community development with an indigenous group at the Pacific coastal region of Ecuador

Indigenous Community Development

Community development

Volunteer at an ecological reserve on the Pacific coast in conservation and education projects near the ecological town of Bahia de Caraquez

Environmental Education

Conservation and education

Academic Support

Teach English, art, homework

We maintain ongoing agreements and partnerships with all the above-mentioned organizations. Our volunteer coordinators are in regular contact with them to ensure that they remain true to their unique missions. We work to make sure that volunteers have a worthwhile and rewarding experience and that each volunteer has something to offer the host organization - creating a win-win situation for all!