Galapagos Packing List

Suggestions for what to pack when visiting the Galapagos Islands.

Clothing Specification
Comfortable hiking shoes/ boots Good traction; ankle support is recommended
Teva-style sandals/ water shoes Security strap is recommended
Thin and breathable hiking socks Materials such as cool-max are recommended
Hiking shorts/ light full-length hiking pants Synthetic or cotton; lighter colors are recommended
T-shirt/ safari shirt/ long-sleeve shirt Lighter colors are recommended
Light fleece/ wind shell
Sunglasses Dark glasses are recommended; security strap
Sun hat/ cap & bandana Chinstraps are recommended
Swimming gear
UV swimming shirt
Ultra-light rain jacket
Light back pack/ fanny bag
Other recommended items Specification
Sunscreen SPF 45 or higher Water resistant; reef safe sunscreen; biodegradable
Aloe-Vera gel/ after sun
Sports bottle Nalgene or aluminum are recommended materials
Snorkel mask and fins (supplied on boat excursions)
Anti-fog spray
Towel (small towel for extra use)
Dry bag To keep your bag dry in case a wave hits the boat
Pills for motion sickness
Waterproof Go Pro or camera
Extra camera batteries
Extra memory card
American Dollars (There are no ATMs on Isabela Island!))
Money pouch
Chargers and US-style plug (110v))
Small day backpack Enough to hold towel, water, sunscreen etc

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These are our suggestions and recommendations to consider packing for your visit to the Galapagos Islands. The climate is generally warm to hot. However there are times when you will need an extra layer. For example at higher elevations it is cooler and more moist, so you will need a sweater or light jacket or rain poncho for any excursion that takes you inland.

Also, when you come out of the water onto the boat after swimming and snorkeling you can feel quite cold, so it is good to have a warm fleece to put on then, especially when the boat starts to move and the wind picks up.

Another thing to consider when you do any walking or hiking on the smaller islands is that the volcanic pumice and fine dirt will kick up into your sandals and be quite uncomfortable. So it is wise to have closed shoes with socks on for those occasions, to make walking much easier.

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