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GL6: Darwin's Galapagos - 9 days / 8 nights . . .

Experience the Galapagos that Darwin discovered on this 9-day program that explores the variety of unique and endemic species both above and below the water line that makes these islands so spectacular.

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AM: Transfer from Baltra to hotel with guided Highland Tour
PM: Charles Darwin Research Station - self-guided


AM/PM: All-day guided tour to Bartolomé, Plazas or North Seymour*


AM: Launch to Isabela Island
PM: Guided tour to Volcan Sierra Negra


AM: Guided excursion to Los Túneles
PM: Playa del Amor / Media Luna Hill / Flamingo Lagoon


AM: Guided Tintoreras snorkel tour
PM:Launch return to Santa Cruz + Garrapatero Beach / Playa de los Alemanes - self-guided


AM/PM: Pinzón or Floreana or Santa Fé - all-day excursion


AM: Launch to San Cristóbal + Playa Mann / Playa de Oro - self guided
PM: San Cristóbal Interpretation Center self-guided


AM/PM: All day 360 tour of San Cristóbal


AM:  Transfer to airport in San Cristóbal
Note: This program arrives to Baltra airport and leaves from San Cristóbal airport

* Depending on available spaces

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"My week in the Galapagos was the highlight of my trip to Ecuador. It was filled with memorable moments on land and in the water. I was so glad I chose the land based tour as I particularly enjoyed wandering around Puerto Ayora and Isabela in the evenings".

On the “Darwin's Galapagos” land-based tour you will have 9 days to be amazed by these magical islands. You will get a taste of everything with snorkeling to explore underneath the water and hiking to explore the distinct island habitats.

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