volunteer at the pacific coast

Volunteering at the Pacific Coast of Ecuador

Volunteering at the Pacific coast region of Ecuador offers a wealth of opportunities for experiencing the laid-back lifestyle and cultures of this sun-drenched part of the country known as the "Ruta del Sol." Rich in archaeology, culture and environmental diversity there are many small towns and fishing villages to explore, with options for all kinds of activities - diving, parasailing, surfing, whale-watching, hiking, snorkeling . . .

We offer options to volunteer with children in education and day care centers, organic gardening and farming, conservation, reforestation, and community development and community tourism development.

My month spent volunteering in Esmeraldas was a real immersion in cultural differences, a challenge that was as big as it was rewarding. Having studied anthropology I thought I was prepared, but I learned so much in that month. I could go back any time and settle in to the rhythm of life on the coast in a flash.


The Pacific coast - Climate and Seasons . . .

The climate at the Pacific coast of Ecuador follows a regular pattern, governed by the currents and weather phenomena that pass each year - principally the Humboldt current (bringing cold and dry weather from the south) and the infamous "El Niño" (bringing warm and wet weather from the north). The wet part of the year lasts from December to May typically. The dry part of the year lasts from June to October. Temperatures can be surprisingly cool at this time of the year, while the period from December to May is usually much hotter - around 30C - 35C degrees.

The projects that we collaborate with are scattered along the coast from the province of Esmeraldas in the north of Ecuador to the provinces of Manabí and Santa Elena in the south. They range from projects in small communities to farms and biological reserves, and include projects that are relatively far from the coast on the lowest slopes of the Andes Mountains on the Pacific side.

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