Volunteer in the Andes

Volunteering in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador

Volunteering in the Andes mountains region of Ecuador offers the possibility to explore any of the traditional cultures and communities that have made the Andes their home for milennia. All of them speak Spanish, although it may not be their first language, especially among the older generations. Kichwa (Quichua) is the first language of the Andes, and is spoken all through the mountains in Ecuador, although with some variations as you move north or south.

We can offer options to volunteer in education, child and elderly care, health and medicine, reforestation and conservation, animal rescue, and community development in the Andes Mountains. Click here for a list of the volunteer opportunities.

"Not being one for heat and insects, I really enjoyed being in the cooler Andes mountains and volunteering at the school as a teacher's assistant and English tutor. The landscapes were beautiful, the people warm and friendly (in contrast to the coooold nights!)and my month there passed way too quickly!"
The Andes mountains - Climate and Seasons . . .

The climate in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador is generally temperate to cold. Despite being very close to the equator line, the increasing altitude reduces the temperature. For example, in Quito (2,800 meters) the temperature varies from 18 - 27 degrees during the day, falling to 13 - -18 at night. This is constant all the year round, with the greatest seasonal variation being in the rainfall. Precipitation is highest from November to April, although in recent years with global climate change, the rainfall patterns are less stable than in the past. In general, during the rainy season it will tend to rain between 4 - 6 pm and then dry up again. It is relatively rare for it to rain every day. Above 3,500 meters it can be very warm when the sun is out, but very cold as soon as it goes away! The UV factor is extremely high and the risk of sunburn is acute, especially as it may not feel that hot with a cool wind blowing. SPF 50 is advised at all times.

The volunteer projects offered in the Andes include the cities of Quito and Cuenca and the market town of Otavalo, where you can study Spanish while you volunteer. Other projects are in more traditional communities or projects run by other local grass-roots organizations.

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