North Seymour Island

North Seymour Island Excursion . . .

Enjoy a motor yacht tour to North Seymour,, a 1.9 km² island located north of the island of Baltra.
The main fauna species of this island are the Magnificent Frigate bird with their incredible scarlet regular pouch, blue-footed boobies and their particular courtship dance as well as sea lions surfing across the waves.
Lunch is provided on board.
After lunch, we will do snorkeling in Bachas where you will be able to discover a dazzling variety of different fish species and swim with sea lions.
- The excursion will end at the port around 5.30 pm.
- Take sun block, sunglasses, sun hat, extra water (the boat will have water too), and an extra sweater for after snorkeling as you can feel quite chilled.


What is included:
- Certified naturalist guide,
- snorkeling equipment,
- towel,
- non-alcoholic beverages,
- fruit, snacks and lunch (normal, vegetarian, vegan, other dietary restrictions)