Santa Fé Island

Santa Fé Island Excursion . . .

SSanta Fe, also called Barrington Island, is a small island, which lies in the center of the Galápagos archipelago, to the south east of Santa Cruz Island. Geologically it is one of the oldest islands, with volcanic rocks of about 4 million years old.
Among animals, Santa Fe is home to one endemic species and one endemic subspecies: the Barrington land iguana and the Santa Fe Rice Rat.
The visitor site is a wet landing located in Barrington Bay on the northeastern side of the island.
Large numbers of sea lions are found on the beaches in the bay, occasionally hindering passage to the two trails leading from the beach
m the lookout point on the peak of the island.
- Take sun block, sunglasses, a sun hat, extra water (they will have water on the boat too), and comfortable shoes for walking. An extra sweater is also a good idea for after snorkeling as it can feel a bit chilly.


What is included:
- Certified naturalist guide,
- snorkeling equipment,
- towel,
- non-alcoholic beverages,
- fruit, snacks and lunch (normal, vegetarian, vegan, other dietary restrictions)