Plazas Island

Plazas Island Excursion . . .

This is an all-day excursion by boat to the island of South Plazas. The island was formed by lava up streaming from the bottom of the ocean.
Despite its small size it is home to a large number of species and it is famous for its extraordinary flora. That is why this island is very popular with visitors.
We will disembark in a small dock frequently occupied by sea lions. After this we will continue through a small forest of prickly pear cacti with their yellow flowers where could be lots of land iguanas waiting for their fruits and flowers fall of to the ground.
We get finally up to the cliff, where you can often see a shoal of the endemic yellow-tailed mullet.
On the steep banks, it is possible to see a great number of birds such as nesting red-billed tropic birds and swallow-tailed gulls, but most of all, enjoying the beautiful view from atop the steep banks or strolling along the base of the cliff is an extremely pleasurable experience.
Very attractive are the beautiful prickly pear cactus trees (Opuntia echios) and of course the large colony of Galápagos land iguanas. Depending on the season, the ground vegetation changes its colour from intense green in the rainy season to orange and purple in the dry season.
After this nice walk, we go back to the boat for lunch and sail to Punta Carrion for snorkeling activity where we can see sea turtles, white tip reef sharks, sea lions and lots of fish.
Finally we set off back to Puerto Ayora around 16:30.
- The excursion will end at the port around 5.30 pm.
- Take sun block, sunglasses, a sun hat, extra water (they will have water on the boat too), and comfortable shoes for walking. An extra sweater is also a good idea for after snorkeling as it can feel a bit chilly.


What is included:
- Certified naturalist guide,
- snorkeling equipment,
- towel,
- non-alcoholic beverages,
- fruit, snacks and lunch (normal, vegetarian, vegan, other dietary restrictions)