Hacienda Zuleta

Explore the Andes from Hacienda Zuleta . . .

Built in 1691, Hacienda Zuleta offers guests a chance to experience something very new (and very old) by living in a unique place that has held onto its history for hundreds of years. Hacienda Zuleta is a family owned hacienda, and they have worked very hard to keep the house as well as the property in original condition so that guests are able to have a very unique experience while they are spending their time there.

Aside from staying at the hacienda, many activities are available for guests to do throughout the day. Zuleta is well known for its horses, and riding is something very important to the people of the area. Various options are available for guests to ride on trails 11,000 feet up in the beautiful Andes anywhere from one to five days.

Hacienda Zuleta is a very busy place throughout the year, not just from visitors but because it is an actual working hacienda producing milk, cheese, barley, potatoes, wool, meat and trout. Many of the grown or harvested products are used to prepare meals for the guests as well as those that call this place their home. There is always something interesting to find at Hacienda Zuleta.

 "What a treat ! What a treat !!! The hospitality,the food, the bedrooms,the riding,etc etc were all perfection. It was my first visit to Ecuador and Hacienda Zuleta made it truly memorable."

Located between 2870 and 3050 meters above sea level in the Andean mountains of Northern Ecuador and 110 kilometres north of Quito, the hacienda, can be reached within two hours. Transfers with English speaking guides from Quito or other locations can be arranged with prior notice.

The hacienda is blessed with an equatorial location and experiences a temperate climate all year round. Temperatures average between 70 and 75 degrees during the day with low humidity. Nights tend to be cool. January through June are characterized by sunny days with occasional spring-like showers. During this time of year, the countryside is lush and green. July and August are typically dry and provide the best opportunities for extraordinary views of the surrounding volcanoes. September through December offers pleasant weather with occasional showers.