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Mix it Yourself! - Spanish, Culture, Environment, Adventure, Galapagos, Amazon . . .

Create your own program combining all the elements that True Ecuador Travel can offer into your personalized and memorable sojourn in Ecuador. Learn a little Spanish, travel through the Andes, explore the Amazon rainforest and the cloud forests, visit the Galapagos Islands, relax in the fishing villages of the Pacific coast . . . There are so many options. Send us your ideas, preferences and time available and we will be happy to suggest a suitable itinerary for you.

Spanish Classes In Quito or Cuenca: Cosmopolitan capital city Quito combines a bustling new town with a colonial center that is the best preserved in Latin America. Tranquil Cuenca is a colonial gem set in a spectacular location in the Andes. Take 10-20 hours of Spanish classes, enjoy cultural excursions to places of historic and cultural interest around the city . . .
Study & Travel Study and Travel with your own Spanish teacher and expert guide: Ten different programs that can take you along the volcanos of the Andes or into the Amazon rainforest, along the Pacific coast or into the cloud forest to learn about the culture, the geography, the environment, and all while you continue to learn Spanish!
Adventure and Exploration Adventure and adrenaline in the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific coast: Whatever your favorite adrenaline-generating activity, you can do it in Ecuador, and we can incorporate it into an itinerary for you.
Galapagos - Land and Boat Tours Galapagos Islands Tours: From 5 to 14 day tours by boat or land-based tours - you can explore the Galapagos Islands, from tourist class to luxury boats, from tourist class hotels to luxury lodges, there are options for every taste and pocket.

If you have particular interests - colonial art, history, archeology, religious art, music, crafts, geology and geography, indigenous culture, shamanism and healing, bird-watching, biology . . . we can help you put together a program to meet your needs. We have extensive contacts throughout Ecuador and can make suggestions based on your interests.

"As a long-time interest in indigenous cultures I was thrilled to get the chance to visit three different communities in Ecuador and get to spend time with them learning about their ways and beliefs. The translator you arranged for me made all the difference too as we got on so well and I learned so much on our travels."

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