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Cycling from the Amazon to the Pacific with Pedal for Change. . .

Discover what it is like to live and work with indigenous cultures, pedal from above 9000 feet to the Amazon, past active volcanoes and dozens of raging waterfalls,. Join us on the water with Whitewater rafting in the Amazon, relax in the pristine Hot springs of Ecuador at 11,000 feet. Cycle the "Ruta del Sol" along the coast. We will finish this adventure in Canoa, surfing or bodyboarding on one of the beautiful beaches Ecuador has to offer.

This tour is divided in two parts: Are you tough enough to ride them both? Contact us for more information and details about this amazing itinerary!!

"My five-day Pedal for Change biking adventure along the coast of Ecuador was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend a trip with this group to anyone. Every part of the trip was well planned from great food, to well-planned biking routes, knowledgeable staff and support, and memories of a lifetime. If you are concerned about your biking stamina, with a no-shame support vehicle, and a flexible pace, you have nothing to worry about. You are good and capable hands."



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