Suchipacari Lodge

Explore the Amazon rainforest at Suchipacari Lodge. . .

Suchipakari Lodge is a comfortable lodge that blends seamlessly into its surroundings on the banks of the Napo river in the Ecuadorian Amazon region, offering a touch of luxury in the rain forest.

The lodge offers a regular calendar of planned excursions and activities to keep you busy for the week, exploring the surrounding jungle, river, and local culture.

Highlights . . .

  • Night walks in the jungle
  • Hike to a local waterfall in the rain forest
  • Visit the jungle town of Misahualli where monkeys play in the main square
  • Relaxing on the river beach on the Napo River
  • Visit an animal rescue center located deeper in the forest
  • Visit an indigenous forest community
"Superb! I have long dreamed of getting into the Amazon jungle and my stay at Suchipakari gave me just what I was looking for. The guides were very professional and informative and the lodge itself was comfortable and nicely situated."

Suchipacari Lodge accepts guests for one night and upwards. Let us know how long you would like to stay and roughly when, and we can send you the price.

The Amazon rainforest is a spectacular environment with rich biodiversity - both flora and fauna. It is home to a variety of indigenous cultures who for milennia have learned to live in harmony with their surroundings and use the plants of the rainforest to maintain their health.

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