Kallari Chocolate Production

Learn about chocolate production in the Amazon region

Kallari is an indigenous organization that involves over 850 families in 21 communities> that cultivate cacao trees for cacao beans for producing chocolate.

This one-day tour gives you a unique insight into how their delicious and award-winning chocolate is made.

The tour includes a visit to a local farm "chakra" where you will be able to learn about the cultivation of cacao in the rainforest and the plants that it is associated with. You will also visit their "centro de acopio" where the cacao is gathered to be fermented, dried, toasted and processed.
A traditional Kichwa lunch is included as well as a chocolate-making demonstration. And you will of course have the chance to sample the delicious product!

The cost of the tour is $47 for the day. The tour starts in the town of Tena in Napo Province, about 5 hours from Quito by bus.

"It was a great experience to see the whole process from start to finish, and something that gave me a whole new appreciation of chocolate! The different stages from looking after the trees to producing the final product is fascinating."

You can also enjoy an overnight stay with a local Kichwa family. This will allow you to learn much more about their culture, way of life and relationship to their rainforest environment. Contact us for more information and prices on this option.
Students and volunteers wishing to have a Study Abroad or Gap Year experience are welcome to volunteer with Kallari and live with a local Kichwa family.