Adventure in Baños

Learn about the Secoya people and the Amazon rainforest!

The Secoya are one of Ecuador's original populations, inhabiting the upper reaches of the Amazon basin in the eastern part of the country.

Enjoy a 3-night/4-day or 2-night/3-day adventure with the Secoya people, exploring their culture and environment in the Amazon rainforest. This community-based tourism project offers insight and direct experience of the way of life of this forest-dwelling people.
This 4-day tour leaves from the small town of Lago Agrio.
You can either fly there from Quito (40 minutes), take a regular taxi service (7 hours), or travel by local bus (8 hours).

Yaje Lodge - 4-day tour.

- The first day you travel from Lago Agrio to La Union where you switch to motorized canoe for a 40 minute trip down the Aguarico River to spend the night in a family house.
- The second day involves a hike into the primary forest followed by a tour of local small-scale agriculture that is practiced there and another trip on the river.
- On the third day you will enjoy an all-day tour of the Cuyabeno Reserve, an area of huge biodiversity where you may see pink dolphins, guacamayos and many other birds, monkeys and other animals, as well as the huge range of plants and trees.
- On the fourth day you will set off very early to go bird-watching in the forest, after which you will visit the communal house, Siekopai, where you will learn about the culture and practices of the Secoya people. After this you will return to Lago Agrio by canoe and bus.

Ancestral Colors- 3-day tour.

- The first day you will travel from Lago Agrio by bus and canoe to the Secoya village where, after settling in you will have lunch. After this you will have a guided hike of the rainforest and a description of the medicinal and other useful plants of the jungle. Later on you will get to paddle a dug-out canoe on the Aguarico river.
- On the second day you will enjoy an all-day tour of the Cuyabeno Reserve, learning about the animals and trees, and with the chance to spot pink dolphins, monkeys, guacamayos and other birds and animals. In the evening you will join the community to learn about their myths, history and stories.
- On the third day you will learn all about the Secoya culture, experiencing how they prepare their traditional dishes, how they make crafts and jewelry, how they paint their faces, and try their traditional "chicha" drink. After lunch and a rest you will return to Lago Agrio by canoe and bus.

"Our visit to Siekopai was a real adventure - like something straight out of the National Geographic, complete with canoe rides, hiking in the impressive Amazon forest, eating traditional foods, and getting to learn about this wonderful culture of the Secoya. The simplicity and natural beauty of their lives was inspiring. This was a great introduction to the Amazon and its people."