adventure in baños!

baños in ecuador is the adventure capital of the country

Baños - The adventure capital of Ecuador!

The town of Baños is the ideal center for adventure activities with a wealth of options to choose from. Situated between the Andes and the Amazon amid verdant and lush hills, the climate is warm during the day and cool in the evening.

Below you will find a list of options that we recommend. Email us if you have any questions or to request reservations for these activities.

  • River adventure with white-water rafting and tubing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Thermal baths from natural hot springs
  • Tungurahua live volcano!
  • Canyoning
  • Rappelling and canyoning
  • Horseback riding
  • Hire quad bikes
  • Jungle tours

River Adventures!...

The most famous thing to do in Baños is without doubt the white water rafting. The descent on the river ‘Rio Pastaza’ is perfect for the thrill-seeking travelers amongst you. There are tours from two to five hours and sometimes they can be combined with canyoning.

  • Adrenaline pumping experience
  • Class 3 and 4 rapids
  • Personal photographer
  • Admire the beautiful scenery while descending down the river

Explore by bicycle!

Baños is famous for the scenic bike ride of ‘Ruta de la Cascadas’. The route follows a road downhill, passing multiple beautiful waterfalls and some amazing scenery. Halfway through the ride you are able to stop and enjoy some thrilling zip lines. At the end of the route you will be able to descend countless stairs and eventually be blown away by the natural beauty of the Pailón del Diablo, the most impressive waterfall of the ‘Ruta de las Cascadas’.

  • Follow the road down the hill and admire the scenery and seven extraordinary waterfalls
  • Zip line along the way
  • Hitch a ride back in a truck for $2
  • Visit the breath-taking waterfall of at the end of the route
  • Walk over the enormous suspension bridge of Pailón del Diablo

Rappelling and Canyoning!

Together with rafting, this is one of the most famous activities in Baños. This is without doubt the most adventurous activity you will do in Baños. It is also physically tiring, especially if you combine it with rafting.

  • Descend down a waterfall canyon
  • Waterfall rappelling
  • Cashaurco tour is seemingly the best
  • Cliff jumping
  • Big dose of adrenaline guaranteed!

Relax in the famous hot springs of Baños!

Visit the thermal baths in the evening for the best experience. During the day, the sun can be harsh and hot, whilst in the evening the cool breeze contrasting with the warm water will be very relaxing. While you are stargazing you can enjoy the continuous rumble of the nearby waterfall. Rotate from the coolest to the hottest tub for the optimal experience.

  • Natural hot springs
  • Two-story baths
  • Waterfall right next to the baths /li>
  • $3.50 entrance fee and open until 21.00 pm.

Tungurahua volcano!

The hike to the Tungurahua volcano starts form Pondoa at an elevation of 2650m and you will hike up to the refuge of Tungurahua at an elevation of 3800m. The hike itself will take three of four hours. From here you will be able to take in the breathtaking landscapes. You will descend back to Baños by mountain bike.

  • Active volcano (5016 m)
  • Visit Sangay National Park
  • Listen to the sound of the volcano
  • Descent from the refuge of Tungurahua (3800m) by mountain bike
ziplining in Baños Ecuador

Zip Line or Canopy

When you go zip lining in Baños, they refer to ‘canoping’ because you will fly through a canopy of trees and above an immense canyon. Often those tours take one or two hours and you will be able to go down different types of zip lines.

  • Experience multiple zip lines
  • Try different ways of descending such as upside down and Superman
  • Intense climbs between lines
  • Bring a camera or Go Pro
bungee jumping in baños ecuador

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping in Baños is different since it actually is a traditional swing jump off a bridge. They use the word ‘puenting’, referring to the word ‘puente’ which means bridge. This will be an amazing part of your trip but only for the die-hard thrill-seekers and definitely not for people who are afraid of heights.

  • Known as ‘Puenting’
  • It is a traditional swing jump
  • Adrenaline guaranteed!
  • Great to do with a Go Pro!
exploring the amazon rain forest from Baños in Ecuador

Amazon Jungle Tour

Tours to the Amazon jungle range from one to five days. On this amazing journey you will experience indigenous communities and the fauna and flora of the Amazon. It is recommended to go for multiple days so you will be able to fully indulge in the experience.

  • One or multiple day tours to the Puyo Jungle
  • Make handicrafts in the jungle
  • Admire the fauna and flora of the jungle
  • Memorable canoe ride on the Puyo river
horseriding in baños - adventure in ecuador

Horseback Riding

Ranging for two hours to a full day, you will be taking on a trip through the mountains. The itinerary depends on the day and on the weather. You will be able to admire the still active Tungurahua volcano.

  • Half- or full day tours
  • Ride through the mountains
  • Admire the Tungurahua Volcano from afar
  • Steep trails through the forest
dramatic swing ride in baños in ecuador

Casa del Arbol Swing

One of the top reasons people visit Baños is because of this swing and its amazing scenery. However, you are actually not that high from the ground but from the right angle you will be able to take an amazing picture. There are swings for every type of traveler, going from adventurous to not so much where the staff pushes you.

  • Fly high above mountains
  • Three different types of swings
  • Bus shuttle from the center of Baños
  • $2 entrance fee