AndeanFace Climbing

Climbing in the Andes Mountains with AndeanFace. . .

Andeanface is an adventure company designed to provide individuals with a challenging and very gratifying experience in climbing and trekking some of the most beautiful places on earth, with several of these climbs being Chimborazo and Cotopaxi. They even provide a training course in learning how to ice climb, climb glaciers, make rescues, tie knots among others. Additionally, if climbing a mountain or volcano isn’t your thing, they do day hikes as well in addition to other adventures throughout Quito and other parts of Ecuador. Equipment is provided for the climb, and excursions last from 4 to 13 days.

Andeanface works with organizations to give back to the community and to help others, including the Danielle Children’s Fund. They also work to develop volunteer programs to help street children within the country. We are happy to offer you the chance to support the work of Andean Face.

"I first met Javier and Helma in November 2003 as a member of the Ecuador mountaineering trip to climb Antisana volcano. Javier was the trip leader and I was fortunate to be roped directly behind him and enjoyed a great experience climbing high on Antisana.
During my Ecuador stay I was touched by Javier and Helma's passion and commitment to help the street children of Quito. On a second trip in 2007, I was fortunate to see the latest developments at the Child ‘N Family center in Ambato and I was amazed to see what had been achieved."

Daniëlle Children’s Fund (DCF) is a non-profit charity organization, based in The Netherlands. DCF’s mission is to accompany children in need and their families in Ecuador and Nepal, re-establishing and maintaining the link between them. While doing that, DCF focuses mainly on educational, medical, social and psychological services. All DCF members strongly feel the need to share with the children and families what God is giving to them. In both countries, DCF runs Child ‘N Family centres through local operational team. 
The centre in Ecuador is located in Ambato. It offers a temporary home to children in need, with the aim to reunite them with their families. 

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